Fast-Track Your Online
Language Business
The Language Influencer Mastermind is an annual small-group getaway in a tropical location. 

You'll get personalised help and advice from other experienced online business owners to help bring your business to the next level. 

Oh - and you'll have a blast in the process!
Working Online Is Not Always Easy...
  •  Other people don’t always understand how online business works, and talking about money is usually taboo
  •  Many of us travel to attend conferences in order to network with others who work online, but there is rarely time to talk in-depth about business
  •  We all enjoy traveling, but often it gets mixed up with work, which can be stressful. Most people we usually meet on our travels often don’t understand that we also want to work when we travel. 
The result of all of this is usually that we spend a lot of time working on our businesses on our own, and miss out on the opportunity to learn from other people who could give us valuable advice, inspiration, and opportunities to collaborate.

So, why not combine traveling and business, and spend an entire week in the company of a group of like-minded people, to talk about business and the lives that we want to create?

The Language Influencer Mastermind is an exclusive event for Action-Takers Working With languages, to get practical help To grow your business Fast

"I landed my first consulting client!"

"The Mastermind was transformative for me. As a result of the discussions, I rebranded my entire business and soon landed my first high-paying consulting client. It feels fantastic!" - Conor Clyne
...and we wanted to make it a week of sun, relaxation, good food and great company - a week to remember. After all, we deserve it! 

The first annual business mastermind retreat for online educators and entrepreneurs will take place in April 2018, in sunny Spain. You will spend an inspirational week surrounded by a small group of successful online business owners, with a carefully structured schedule that allows you to discuss and get help with your business - ideas and inspiration for whatever challenges you face, or goals you want to achieve. 
This is not a training programme. This is a forum for learning from colleagues, and getting answers for the questions that you bring to the table. The retreat will be a collective experience, where you share ideas, and everyone benefits from an atmosphere of mutual support and generosity, with the aim of helping everyone to succeed. 

The Programme...
  •  The week will be structured in such a way that you get time devoted to your business, where other participants will come together in a “mastermind” format to help you get answers. You will receive practical ideas from the collective knowledge of the group to help you get the results you’re looking for.
  •  Part of this, of course, is that you also contribute, and help others with the challenges they face.
  •  The biggest danger of events, conferences and masterminds is that you get lots of good ideas, but then go home and get lost in the day-to-day work that had you trapped before. We would like to have some “implementation time” built into the week, so that you can actually set the wheels in motion for whatever you learn and whatever plans you develop, and mitigate the risk of never taking action
  •  In the evening we will have relaxation time to socialise and enjoy the local food and drink with a cocktail (or three). This time is not only great to reflect on the learning from the day, but have more in-depth discussions with individual participants and also take some time to enjoy Spain! 
5 great reasons you should join the mastermind:
An unforgettable week abroad with good food and drink
Grow Your Business
Informed solutions to business challenges you face that can transform your business (and profits)
Learn what’s currently driving revenue and traffic for other business owners
Get Away
Take a break from the “solo entrepreneur” trap, and refresh yourself!
Why Not?
Well... why not?
The event is invitation-only and limited to 10 people, as we want to ensure the quality of attendees, so that you can learn from others with a proven track record. 

(Only those with an existing business will be considered.)
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